Mirror Milling System (MMS®)

To replace or complement the chemical milling process, DUFIEUX partnered with AIRBUS and designed the outperforming Mirror Milling System, a patented aluminum fuselage panel production process.
The MMS® technology enables the high-speed milling, drilling and routing of doubledsided 3D aluminum panels in a single setup within a single machining cycle.

Mirror Milling System (MMS®)


  • High-tech panel horizontal milling center
  • 2x 6 symmetrical face-to-face numerical axes with ultra-precise positioning
  • Dynamic machine with linear motors
  • Patented high speed milling head



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Mirror Milling System (MMS®)

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DUFIEUX can offer the management of the spare parts inventory in-house or at the customer site beyond the warranty period of the machine.

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