• Two 5-axis cells: 1 laser, 1 mechanical, leading to a highly productive and space-saving solution
  • Independent motorized tables designed for the simultaneous machining of two parts
  • Pendular mode for off-cycle part loading & unloading
  • Flexible and fully integrated solution allowing the machining of multiple part references
  • Single CNC & supervisor to control both laser & mechanical process
  • Automatic tool changer


  • Flexibility
    -  Independent mobile tables or large twinned table
    -  Single or dual process production mode
    -  Ti/Al/Inox material compatible
    -  Designed for multiple references
  • Quality
    -  Full process, set up & operation
    -  User friendly equipment
  • Productivity
    -  Simultaneous milling/cutiing of two parts
    -  Automatic transfer to increase efficiency & production times
    -  Pendular mode allowing part loading & unloading off-cycle times
  • Cost Saving
    -  1 Operator, manual operations reduced to a minimum
    -  Complete off line programming soft with collision simulations
    -  Less workshop surface used thanks to compact, dual process machine

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Each project is accompanied by training sessions for the machine user, on programming and NC operations, mechanical and electrical maintenance.


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